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Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dental Services in Downtown Calgary 

Dental emergencies can happen at any moment, which is why Dr. Kirpaul Chattha provides rapid relief to downtown Calgary patients. Our practice is equipped with technology and a compassionate staff that provide relief for dental trauma and discomfort. Whether your child has damaged a tooth playing sports, or you have broken a restoration, The Dental Room  is here to deliver treatment.

During regular office hours, we accept walk-in patients for emergencies. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call us immediately at: 403-269-5411. Our office hours are: Monday:10:30-6; Tuesday-Thursday: 8:30-4pm; Friday: 8-3pm. The Dental Room team will schedule your dental appointment to get you in as soon as possible.

Offering After-Hours Emergency Care in Calgary

Calling after office hours? Our on-call dentist is available to treat your dental emergencies. We strive to provide care at all hours, in case your dental emergency requires immediate care. If your dental problem is severe, our focus is on reducing discomfort and providing immediate solutions to protect natural tooth structure. The Dental Room’s main line will connect you with our on-call dentist if calling after business hours.

What can I do for My Dental Emergency?

Damaged teeth and restorations usually cause pain and swelling, which can be addressed with over-the-counter pain medication. Icing swollen areas reduces inflammation and decreases discomfort. If possible, locate a local pharmacy that carries dental cement. You can use this material to cover sensitive areas, providing temporary relief.

When tooth fragments, entire teeth, or restorations are knocked out, save them. It’s possible that they may be re-attached under the right conditions. This can save you from requiring an extensive dental procedure to restore function or aesthetics.

Toothaches are a sign that teeth are decayed, or a possible fracture has occurred unknowingly. When you have a toothache, it’s crucial to visit the dentist as soon as possible. If left alone, infection will spread and your discomfort will increase. Long-term damage impacts dental function and may cause permanent harm if not handled.

Dr. Chattha understands that many patients are not comfortable at the dentist, but our dental team places priority on your comfort. We listen to patients and their needs, especially when it comes to discomfort that disrupts daily life. It is our mission to restore full function, achieving the confidence of a beautiful smile.

Providing Emergency Dental Care to Calgary and Beltline 

Get in touch with our dental practice, The Dental Room, today! We provide relief and individualized dental solutions to restore oral health and function. Call us for an emergency appointment


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